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About Us

The mission of “It Takes A Village Inc.” (I.T.A.V.) Transitional Living Program is to provide a structured, stable, secure and nurturing environment for youth who are ready to enter a phase of care, which will eventually transition them to independent living. I.T.A.V. will provide residents with the resources and foundation to enrich and enhance their quality of life while creating an environment conducive to refinement of independent living skills with decreasing degrees of supervision.
We will establish a standard through which a productive future is conceptualized, actualized, and realized. Residents shall adhere to It Takes A Village core values designed to enhance personal growth, provide financial literacy training and develop the necessary skill set to allow all residents the opportunity to become a positive and productive individual within the community while transitioning residents towards independent living.

Our Transitional Living Homes

It Takes A Village Transitional Living Homes are staffed according to the level of care and supervision needs of each resident. The transition between levels of care allows for the resident to practice and mature in independent living skills in a secure and supportive environment. Our homes are designed to implement a foundation for individuals to explore and access resources to guide them to a successful transition towards complete independent living.


It Takes a Village, Inc. is proud to include as a partner: 

KVC Kansas

KVC Kansas (KVC Behavioral Healthcare, Inc.) represents one of the strongest and broadest child welfare and behavioral healthcare continuums in the nation. The organization is responsible for the care of all children served by the Kansas Department for Children and Families’ Kansas City Metro and Eastern Regions, which includes 30 counties and more than half of all children in the child welfare system. Learn more.